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#Hackathon4Healthcare | 29-30 July, 2022, Lalitpur, Nepal

Hacking Common Health Problems; Providing Uncommon but practical & human centric Solutions

An Open Innovation event aimed at Hacking Common but difficult Problems in Nepalese Health Ecosystem & Galvanizing Digital Health strategies towards developing human-centered technological solutions to address them through Creaitvity; Innovation & Enterprenrship

Challenges & Winners

This year’s theme, “Hacking Common Health Problems; Providing Uncommon but practical and human centric Solutions”, includes the different aspects healthcare ecosystem in Nepal. The current health care system is facing various challenges including rising health care costs, increasing pressure on medical education and health care systems and shortages of healthcare providers. Due to these challenges, the current health care system must be adapted to be able to become future proof.


1) Improvement of elderly patient's experience while visiting hospital

To develop working prototypes (Mobile/Phone/text/sensors) to help improve elderly patient's experience and navigation while visiting the hospital in Nepalese context?

2) Educating Doctors in Digital Era

To devlop Game-based learning to teach Pediatrians (Doctors) and learn in a patient-centered why where live patient are not available or must not be put at risk.

3) Utilizing Telemedicine in increasing adherence to Bronchodilator technique

Bronchodilator are given via different devices viz Rotahalers, Revolizers, MDI Spacers etc. Almost 99% of the patients inhale via wrong technique which tremendously decrease drug efficacy and increase cost to the patient.

4) Strengthening the local healthcare institutes in low resource setting

Nepal is geographically and economically challenged country where accessibility of quality healthcare is difficult in existing resources; the country is facilitated with local health post and private pharmacies. This local healthcare institution can be strengthened with existing recourses and improve the primary healthcare service.

5) Case Discussion forum for Doctors

Simplified Text Based forum for Doctors - where doctors in rural areas post in patient information. Specialists (verified) will reply leading to better patient management.

6) Health Education on OTT

Easy to navigate content management system, easy to understand short videos about health promotion and prevention. tags, comments, replies should be integral.

7) Integrating health ecosystem

Healthcare ecosystem is very large with numbers of stakeholders. Even, regulators are 5-6 in numbers. While adding insurance and payment channels, range of service chain goes even longer and bigger. How a digital platform can connect all these, who can create this big single system?

FIRST PRIZE : NPR 60,000/-


THIRD PRIZE : NPR 20,000/-


With the technical help of The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), an online training session will be organized to enhanced the knoweladge of hackathon to all the participants. UNITAR provides innovative learning solutions to individuals, organizations and institutions to enhance global decision-making and support country-level action for shaping a better future.


Innovators of all background and skills can register to participate in this hackathon. Your registration will be handled as an expression of interest, to be reviewed by the Hackathon team. Every Digital savvy and creative healthcare fanatic is welcome to participate in the hackathon, whether you are a (health) professional, (master) student, policy maker, entrepreneur, consultant, patient or designer.

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