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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A sprint-like event where participants team up and create solutions to different topics or challenges in an intense period of time. Using creativity, technology and mentoring, the week results in prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovation.

What if I have never participated in a hackathon?

This should be your first!

Can I register by myself?

Yes, you are more than welcome to register by yourself and we will help you find other team members who have also registered by themselves.

How do I apply?

Click on this registration link and complete the application form and you will hear from us. We will make a team for you and let you know

When is the kick off date?

29 July, 2022

How long is the hackathon running for?

2 days

What are the costs of participating?

FREE. Free for participants.

Will there be wireless internet access?

Yes, there will be.

Can we use any programming language?

Yes ! Solution to the challaenge is main. We don't care which programming language you use.

What should I bring?

Bring your laptops, mobile phones or whatever inspires you or you want to work with. We will be travelling from Dharan so we can not manage laptop for you. Be clear ;-)

How are the winners selected?

There will be an independent Jury selecting the winners with a rating system.

Is there a minimum or maximum size for the team?

We are looking for teams with exactly 5 memebers. You can register to our sparkboard website. We will make group with different educational background and it will be supported by mentors, will test creativity, adaptability, teamwork and pragmatism to respond to the design challenges.

Do all team members need to be present in person?

Yes, every team member should be present. If a team member cannot be present during the pitch or can only come later please tell us and we will find a way to manage else you will be removed from team.

What are the prizes?

The winning team earns NPR 60,000.00. First runner up will receive NPR 40,000.00 and second runner up will receive NPR 20,000.00

Who are the participating in this event ?

This initial event will see collaboration and Innovative people from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, including health care professionals, designers, engineers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, industry experts, and community members or patients.

Who will be the judges for the hackathon?

The judging panel will be made up of representatives from the different background which includes Profess from Medical Institute, IT interprenure.

How will the winners of the hackathon be decided?

Judges will be using a scorecard to assess the different projects. Key criteria to be assessed is: Impact, Desirability, Feasibility, Viability, Team

Can i also join remotely?

No, we want this hackathon to be an onsite event so remotely joining as well as working with a remote team is not allowed

Will there be food?

Yes, food and beverages will be provided throughout the event.